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We would be glad to provide you with a rate quotation on any of your present or future shipping needs.

At Maneuver Freight Services, we offer best LTL & TL services under one roof. We live up to our name of MANEUVER by ensuring that every shipment moves with required skill & care. It is our top priority to deliver proficient solutions to your Transportation needs.

We are located in Greater Toronto Area wheremost of the inbound/outbound cargo terminates and where the majority of Canadian trucking companies are based.

Our Logistics experts will partner with you every step of the way, providing responsive, supportive service that meets your company's needs and matches your deadlines. Our professionals work tirelessly to offer top-notch service to ensure that the right product gets delivered at right time at the right price.

Maneuver's customers also receive daily emails updating them of the status of their current and pending shipments. In addition to that, we also generate monthly reports enabling shippers to track charges and optimize their shipping patterns by providing an overview of their freight.